Transglobal together with Poseidon (Paceco España) developed a crane simulator, to have a gantry crane simulator for training inexperienced operators as well as experienced ones. Main goals of simulator include:

  • To increase economic performance of actual cranes, since they will dedicate less working time to training periods.
  • To improve operator learning curve speed.
  • To have control in adverse situations.
  • To improve safety conditions both for operators and cranes.
  • To project quality images of the port.
  • To construct an immersive environment based on “Virtual Reality” techniques which reproduces an actual port crane´s control cabin.


Operator can handle the controls, feel movement, hear sounds from operations and watch the work environment as if he were in an actual control cabin. The simulator´s cabin has actual controls and it is positioned over a mechanical system that creates a sense of motion together with visual and audio effects.


You can find out all the information about the simulator in the web page, here.