Investigation and development


  • Proyecto ContaEYEner
  • Desarrollo de Software
  • Simulador Portuario; Puede conocer más aquí.

Contanayer Proyect

Transglobal developed the “CONTAEYENER” project co-financed by the UE through the European Regional Development Fund. The project consists of creating a platform with optical character recognition (OCR) for container identification, IMO sign sticker recognition, assistance with spreader approach, leakage detection by thermal image and management systems integration.


Container terminals process automation:

  • Invoicing of operations, exit and entry control.
  • Occupancy control, Connection control, Service control.
  • Integrated with TOS Poseidon from Paceco Spain.

Software Development

  • External Connections: Shipper oriented registry of containers. Switching on and off automatically.
  • Depot Management: Entry and exit control, management of operations and services.
  • Reefer Container Monitoring through the web, Poseidon integrated and compatible with mobile devices.
  • Parking Access Control: OCR of license plates, web management system and integration with barriers.