Research and Development


  • ContaEYEner Project
  • Software Development
  • Port Simulator; You can learn more here.

Contanayer Project

Transglobal developed the "CONTAEYENER" project co-financed by the EU through the European Regional Development Fund. The project consists of the creation of a platform for optical character recognition for container identification, recognition of IMO marking stickers, spreader approach assistance, leak detection by thermal imaging and its complete integration with management systems.


Transglobal develops software for traditional processes such as:

  • Automation of container terminal procedures:
  • Invoicing; control of incoming and outgoing operations
  • Occupancy Control, Connection Control, Service Control
  • Poseidon TOS integrated with Paceco Spain.

Software Development

  • External Connections: Carrier-oriented container registration; automatic connection and disconnection.
  • Warehouse Management: Handling Inbound, Outbound, Operations, and Services.
  • Web-based monitoring of refrigerated containers, Poseidon integrated, and compatible with mobile devices.
  • Parking access control: OCR of license plates, integrated web management system with barriers.