On Friday, January 13, 23rd, the Vigo-Leixoes line will be launched with a weekly frequency, connecting Transglobal SL Terminal with both TLC, and IP terminals in Leixoes, with a capacity of up to 60 Teus per train.

Transglobal was responsible for the necessary elements to carry out lashing operations for this piece, which was loaded in Vigo on board an MSC vessel.

Transglobal has developed together with Poseidon (Paceco Spain) a gantry crane simulator to train inexperienced operators, as well as experienced ones. The simulator's main objectives are

  • Increasing the economic performance of the actual cranes by spending less working hours on training periods.
  • Improvement of the operator's learning speed curve.
  • Control in adverse situations.
  • Increased safety for both operators and cranes.
  • Quality image projection of the port.
  • Construction of an immersive environment based on "Virtual Reality" techniques analogous to the real environment of a port crane control cabin.


The operator will manipulate the controls, feel the movements, hear sounds due to the operations being performed, and watch the work environment as if he were in a real cabin. The simulator features a cabin with real controls, located on a mechanical system that provides the feeling of movement, and a system that provides visual and audio effects.

All the simulator's data are available on its website, here.

Transglobal is now increasing its R+D+I for marinas and maritime container terminals, developing software and hardware to optimize performance of all necessary operations in these types of companies and facilities.

Transglobal now includes repair, maintenance, conservation, and sale services for containers. An authorized maintenance company for shipowners nationwide, for the repair, commissioning, and upgrading of their containers, both dry and reefer.