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Integral Harbor Services

We are specialist

Our business lines cover different fields in everything related to services to maritime and container terminals, port machinery, refrigerated containers, merchandise warehousing, innovation and development for the maritime sector, as well as I+D+I

Authorized Cold-Storage Service

Transglobal offers authorized service for all leading brands in the reefer industry


Daikin heating and cooling solutions will satisfy all your needs. Intelligent energy efficient control system.

Star Cool

Reefer logistics experts, maximum satisfaction at minimum costs offer a long user life to all Star Cool solutions.


Reefer logistics experts, maximum satisfaction at minimum costs offer a long user life to all Star Cool solutions.


By road, railroad and boat, Thermoking offers every solution necessary for heating and cooling systems.

Transglobal I+D+I

For the past few years Transglobal has been involved in research and development geared towards developing new products and systems for the port industry, focusing mainly on Container Terminals and Marinas.


ContaEYEner Project

Transglobal developed the “CONTAEYENER” project co-financed by the UE through the European Regional Development Fund. The project consists of creating a platform with optical character recognition (OCR) for container identification, IMO sign sticker recognition, assistance with spreader approach, leakage detection by thermal image and management systems integration.

Video Surveillance

System based on high definition IP

Transglobal developed and constantly updates an IP protocol and high definition video surveillance system with previous mainstreaming installation, intuitive traffic control, image search, adaptive illumination, integration of other security systems, specific software for control center and crane OCR.


Software for traditional processes

Container terminals process automation:

  • Invoicing of operations, exit and entry control.
  • Occupancy control, Connection control, Service control.
  • Integrated with TOS Poseidon from Paceco Spain.

Other Projects

Software Development

  • External Connections: Shipper oriented registry of containers. Switching on and off automatically.
  • Depot Management: Entry and exit control, management of operations and services.
  • Reefer Container Monitoring through the web, Poseidon integrated and compatible with mobile devices.
  • Parking Access Control: OCR of license plates, web management system and integration with barriers.

Simulador I+D+I

Transglobal has created a port crane operations simulator, with the latest technology, which offers a valuable training service.


Grupo Davila


Poseidón Momentum




Simulador de Grúas Portuarias


“CONTAEYENER” project co-financed by the EU through the European Regional Development Fund

Strategic Situation

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